Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Booking for 2020

It has already been almost a month since we closed for 
the season.  Time has flown, we have been busy everyday,
catching up on things we are unable to do while we are
open. The Crew has been doing painting, trail and fire
pit rehab, Cabin maintenance, and general cleaning up.  
Truth be told, we also spent a little time enjoying 
this place we call home!
As always, when one season ends, it is time to start 
thinking about the next. Sorry if we have kept you 
waiting.  If you are already looking forward to sitting
around the campfire in 2020--here is the scoop:
Projected Calendar

Season Opening – Memorial Day Weekend
Friday May 22nd 2020
We may just be open on the weekends for the first week 
or two depending on demand. 

Season Closing
Monday, September 28, 2020 
Cabins will be available through Sunday, September 27th 
We may just be opened on weekends for the last week or 
two depending on demand.


(3 or more Cabins)
Office Hours- 10am-6pm  (435)454-3142
Tuesday, October 15 – Reservations OPEN TO ALL.
Office Hours- 10am-6pm (435)454-3142
Wednesday, October 16 – Reservations Open to ALL.
10am-6pm (435)454-3142

October 17 and beyond -- Office Hours to be determined. 

More Details

Policies There will be no Resort Policy Changes in 2020.
Rates There will be a $10 per night Rate Increase 
for 2020. http://www.moonlakeresort.com/cabins/
Site will be updated soon. 
The same as last year--the following will apply:
In an effort to manage the volume of calls and 
minimize frustration for all – we will limit calls 
on the first day (October 14) to include GROUPS of 3 
or more Cabins.
*On October 15 -- calls for any size reservation
 will be accepted.

TIPS-  As always, Reservations will be handled on a 
FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis by phone at the Moon 
Lake number (435-454-3142).
1) GET A JUMP START - Send a reservation REQUEST via 
our online system starting Friday evening, October 11. 
This is helpful in expediting the booking process for 
most guests.https://v2.reservationkey.com/23448/reserve/c
Julie will try to review these REQUESTS in advance and 
let you know of any POLICY Issues that would cause 
rejection of your reservation.  This will give you a 
chance to come up with an alternative before the 
OCTOBER 14 & OCTOBER 15 reservation opening date*.
*REMEMBER! This Online REQUEST IS NOT a Confirmed 
Reservation!!!!!! This is ONLY A REQUEST!
It is not a confirmed reservation until you have spoken
to Julie or Emily OR receive an Email confirming your 
booking on or after October 14. 
2) In Advance--please review our Deposit/Cancellation 
Policies: http://www.moonlakeresort.com/faq/ 
3) USUALLY, Reservations that include both Friday & 
Saturday will require a 3rd night (Sunday or Thursday).
4) Once bookings have begun, Reservation requests that 
leave a single night opening between already booked 
stays will likely not be accepted.
(Single night stays are hard to book and given our 
limited season, we cannot afford to have un-rentable 
nights during the peak of it). 
View our online calendar
starting October 14, to see potential conflicts.
5) After making your request--check your email 
frequently. If possible, we will communicate this way 
first instead of by phone.
6) On October 14 & October 15, PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN 
TO "LIVE" PHONE CALLS but you can leave a message if 
the line is busy. NOTE: the number to call is 
(435)454-3142. We'll call back or email ASAP, but in 
some cases, that may not be until the next day. 
Keep trying to get through if you're able. 
Remember, it is always recommended to have a second 
or even 3rd choice of dates and cabins, if possible.

7) CREDIT CARD payment* for deposit is PREFERRED for 
all reservations EXCEPT larger groups. 
(Hint when making your reservation request, 
please provide a credit card that you will want to use 
for your reservation deposit.  Changing the card number
later is possible but complicated.) Be assured that 
your card will not be charged until you have given
express permission for us to do so.  
*You MUST enter card information online to have this 
for reservations more than 30 days prior to arrival. 
8) PET POLICY will be the same as in 2019.
Limit 2 dogs per Cabin. $10 per pet, per stay
We appreciate your interest in staying with us and 
hope these booking instructions are helpful and clear. 
If you have questions or concerns please email 
resortmail@moonlakeresort.com prior to October 14th.
Happy Trails, 
The Moon Lake Gang
PS For general information anytime--please view our 
website at:
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Facebook at
Moon Lake Resort, Utah.
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