Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dear Friends,

The Beginning of "Your" next Moon Lake Adventure Can start right now!

If you did not call in on Friday to Book your 2014 dates, don't worry, there are
still plenty of openings available throughout the season.

However, We will be setting out on a traveling Adventure of "our" own soon and will
be away from phones and email for awhile.

For immediate response to your phone inquiry or online request, contact us by this
Friday, November 8 at(970)731-9906 or CLICK:

Of course, you can contact us anytime after Nov. 8, but our responses may be delayed
more than usual, so we'll ask for your patience in advance.

PS:  If you'd like some inspiration planning your next visit, 
check out the civilization one family built on "their" last
Moon Lake Adventure.

Thanks for loving Moon Lake,
The Moon Lake Gang