Friday, August 24, 2012


To all our friends and loved ones,
Don't freak out, but Moon Lake Resort is FOR SALE!
Please click on the following link for more introductory information:

As I find myself in our 17th season running Moon Lake Resort and my 60th year of life, I can look back in gratitude for an amazingly blessed and fulfilled life. As I look forward, I envision every moment ahead as "icing on the cake".
When we first seriously considered selling the Resort business (our dream come true) about three or four years ago, we had wildly mixed emotions that ranged from wanting to stay on forever to taking the first exit out. At this point, it's still not much different.
We know how much further we could take the Resort while still preserving it's timeless allure but we also are realistic about how much longer we can do all that work at this stage in our lives. As is so often true in sports and entertainment, we have come to feel it is best to "go out on top" and not try to stay past our prime.
We believe we have set the Resort on a firm foundation for a promising future and we still believe that others with more energy, time and resources would be better suited to taking it there, as soon as possible. That is why we have decided to lower our asking price to
Personal choice and life perspectives are our primary motivations to sell and nothing more. Often, when I am asked what I would do after Moon Lake, I simply say, "I don't know but I am sure I will always look forward to moving forward in life. Once it's "been there, done that"- it's time to move on." And so it is for us, now, we believe.
Over the past few years and at a higher asking price, we have spoken to many interested buyers. Some were moonstruck dreamers like we were in 1994 and some were bean-counter bottom-liners with no more vision than a speculator's desire for an immediate return on investment. Adjusting our perspectives with all these others, we have come to this new price with a more realistic assessment of the Resort's value to the right buyer(s) who are as balanced in their realism and romanticism of the place
as we have come to be.
If YOU are that serious buyer, give us a call.
Bill and Julie Reardon
Owners/Operators--Moon Lake Resort, Inc.
PS: Last year, 2011, in the midst of one of the world's worst economic years in memory, Moon Lake Resort posted its most profitable year ever. That's enduring value that both bottom-liners and dreamers can appreciate.