Friday, November 14, 2014

Hi Folks,
Just a reminder, tomorrow is the Big opening Reservation Day for 2015! The
Cabin Request portal has been opened and you can send in a Reservation
Request NOW. This will speed things up for everyone on the phone tomorrow.
We are already seeing lots of overlapping requests, so please try to have
a second choice of Cabins and or Dates and call as early as you can,
starting at 8am Mountain Standard time. First Come, First Served!
When Calling, if you get the voice mail, please leave only 1 message. If
you continue to get the voice recording just hang up and dial again.

Thank You in Advance for your Patience and Understanding!

Julie and Bill

For online requests:

PS - We are having some trouble with this email account
Not all messages seem to be going in and out.
As a back up, until we can figure out what is going on, you can use the
following yahoo address if you get an undeliverable notice.