Friday, August 9, 2019

Resort Closing One Month from TODAY!

Believe it or not, Fall is coming fast. Moon Lake Resort will close for the 2019 season on Monday September 9th. 
If you are ready for a visit, don’t wait, the calendar is ticking.

Off Peak Cabin rates will go into  effect on Sunday August 18th, ($65-$169 per night)   
There are still some nice openings including cancellations for the favorite Cabins 23 and 24!

Good snow pack last winter has given us a beautiful full lake.
In 24 years, only one other year 1998 or 1999 was it this full for this long.
Right now the level is sitting at 97 percent of capacity!

If you haven’t made it up yet this year or want a second (or third) visit, check out our availability calendar or call Julie for options.  435-454-3142