Thursday, March 24, 2016

In an effort to securely and efficiently send EMAIL UPDATES to all you wonderful
people on our mailing list, we are trying out a new email client called TinyLetter. 
So, effective immediately...

If you would like to receive email news and updates from Moon Lake:
1.  Go to our website:
2.  Click on the GET NEWSLETTER button on the Home Page
3.  Type in your email address, click SUBSCRIBE and follow the link and prompts

Easy as 1-2-3, you will help us reconstruct/update our mailing list and in doing so,
keep yourselves informed of all the "News From The Moon".
We are hopeful that this new list service will be the best way for us to reach you
in real time with the most current news from Moon Lake.
Of course, you can always contact US at: or by phone
at (970)-731-9906 in Winter and (435)-454-3142 in Summer.
Also--Check updates on FACEBOOK at Moon Lake Resort, Utah 

Thanks for your help, understanding, patience, cooperation, keeping in touch and
most of all, for your continuing love of Moon Lake.

Happy Trails,
Bill, Julie and the Moon Lake Crew